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Welcome to the Commonwealth Flats Experience

Lo and behold! The Fates have led you to Commonwealth Flats. Be warned though, for within its mundane borders ring the ghostly echoes of dark realms best left unexplored.

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To the casual onlooker, Commonwealth Flats appears to be a modest three bedroom apartment in Anytown, USA.

What such unobservant peasant filth can't see is that hidden within the apartment lie three enchanted doors to three enchanted kingdoms - kingdoms yet to be sullied by the corrupting touch of modern man.

The lords who rule these mythical realms have discovered the doorways and, aided by an uneasy truce, now share the transcendental nexus as roommates.

Thanks to the dark magic of technology, you too can join the adventure as Niles, Gordon, and Marcus learn to navigate the complex world of contemporary society. Additionally, you can shit your pants in gibbering terror as the fantasy and brutality of their worlds spill inexorably into ours, all at Commonwealth Flats.

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