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Prepare Thyself for the "Experience"

You are about to embark on a journey of discovery. For the full Commonwealth Flats Experience, the lords recommend you remove your pantaloons.

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Marcus Will Swim With the Fishes!

Featured Episode

Chapter Five

"Face the Music"

Niles is moving out to follow his dreams and Gordon must try to fill the void he leaves behind with a new roommate. Marcus tries to accomplish as much as he can before his imminent death. See how much he gets done before he expires!

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Niles and Gordon Entertain the King

Chapter One

"The King and Us"

Mr. Ashot turns to the lords of the Commonwealth for help with his wifely trouble and forms an unexpected bond with young Marcus. The lords turn to The Oracle for guidance on how get him the fuck out of their apartment. Will their cure be worse than the disease?

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Marcus Bathes a Plague Victim! Niles Reads a Book!

Chapter Two

"Plagued by Love"

It's plague season again in Stickburg and Marcus struggles to take care of all of the sick and dying from his land. Meanwhile, Gordon struggles to hide his terrible whorishness from his new lady-friend. Can he come clean and take their relationship to new emotional depths?

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Marcus Prepares to Kill Gordon!

Chapter Three

"Misfortune Cookie"

Cookies are mysteriously appearing out of a tiny door and threatening to ruin Niles' gala art debut. Marcus is willing to kill to keep Gordon out of the cupboard. What will happen when they fill an already volatile house with judgmental Art Queers?

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Druids Prepares to Kill Mailman!

Chapter Four

"The Sickafoose"

Mailmen keep disappearing and Gordon seems to know more than he's letting on. Niles and Marcus hatch a plan to catch the Druid responsible for the disappearances. WARNING: This episode contains simulated murder of a mailman.

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Commonwealth Flats Faces Total Destruction!

Chapter Six

"Uno Memento"

A blizzard hits Commonwealth Flats and the lords are snowed in. They could be pathetic cowards and retreat into their own worlds but then they'd miss an incredible opportunity to break out the chocolate fountain and reminisce about wild times gone by.

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