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The Commoner Scum of the Realm

Lords are just people without plebeian filth to flaunt their dominion over. Though these commoners come from our world, they've been touched by the dark magic of The Flats and it has transformed them.


Ravenscythe is the lords' nefarious downstairs neighbor. Though he hails from our time, he's always felt destined for greater things than the crappy home hospice care job he currently has.

A deep love of Shakespeare and a Phd. in the Humanities has left his mind twisted and ruined. Often speaking in iambic pentameter asides, Ravenscythe constantly plots against the roommates to discover the mystery of their living arrangement. He senses the power contained upstairs and craves to possess it for himself.

Ravenscythe is an avid collector of Hummel Figurines. He enjoys assembling them into rows on the floor in parade formation and addressing them as his minions.

The Oracle

The Oracle is seen by the roommates as their mystical advisor. When in difficult times they rely on her to consult the spirits and provide them with her sage wisdom.

In reality she's an aging hippy who likes to tell long winded stories about her sexual run-ins with historical figures. The lords always seem to find the answers they seek in her ridiculous tales, even though those answers are frequently horribly wrong.

The Oracle plays autoharp in a local jam band. They call themselves "The Yellow Dong Peace Council."

Mr. Ashot

Mr. Ashot is the lords' affable ethnic land lord. Prior to their arrival, he'd been unable to rent or sell Commonwealth Flats. This was largely due to the strange disappearances and savage murders that frequently occurred there.

Though initially confused by the appearance of these odd individuals, once the rent started being paid in gold coin he immediately stopped caring.

He is a sad sack lonely man who sometimes tries to bond with the trio. This is of endless annoyance to Niles (who views him as a fat slob) and Gordon (who views him a fat bore.) Marcus loves it.

Mr. Ashot enjoys long walks in the parks, home cooked meals, and quietly restrained sobbing.

The Nameless Hoards

Of course, there's more to the world of commoner scum than just the three idiots mentioned above. This rogues' gallery shows some of the strange characters you're likely to meet at Commonwealth Flats.

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